run'n'gun is a sports-(mini)game im the vein of Activision's decathlon or Epyx summer/winter games-series and is a variation of the real sports laser run that combines running with shooting.

It includes shooting three rounds at 5 targets and running 5 x 400 meter, staring with running. For every shot missed an extra of 100 meter is added to the following running distance.

Use W,A,D or the cursor-keys.
running: tap left and right to gain speed, but also notice the faster you go the faster your heart beats and the more difficult the shooting will be.
shooting: tap up to shoot.

The game was created for the #LOWERZJAM 2017 and only uses 32x32 pixel instead of the allowed 64x64. It is also restricted to to CGA0 pallet that only uses 4 colors and was partially inspired by Usain Bolt's achievements.

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