You wake up in a strange space, surrounded by silence and darkness. In the distance you see a light, flashing faster the closer you get. Go into the light ...

Click the flashing pixel to enable movement. The default setting is a 3-dimensional , 15x15x15 cube. Movement is grid (cube? hypercube?) based. This game was created for the 1 #bitjam

Controls (3 dimensions or less):
A / D : left / right (dimension 1)
W / S : forward / backward (dimension 2)
R / F : up / down (dimension 3)

Controls change for more than 3 dimensions:
W / S : change movement dimension
A / D : forward / backward in current movement dimension

other cool keys, starting a new game:
I / K : add / reduce dimension
+ / - : increase / descrease size

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